Dance Training

bauchtanzlehrerin augsburg sabuha 14a5-262kSabuhas personal, individual style is based on a classic-oriental education which she received by Tasmin Sultan (USA). Teachers such as Erkan Tokmak (Turkey), Hossein Fayazpour (Iran), Morocco (USA), Arup Gosh (India), Lalita Devil (India), Consuelo Garcia (Spain) and Nassaer Diouf (Senegal) coined her further development.
Yoga Training Sivananda Style 2008
Training for sound therapist 2010
Reiki Grad 1 and 2
Yoga Training 2011 for Persons with Disabilities in Sivananda Yogazentrum (Ashram) in Reith/Kitzbühl
Training Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy by Jacobsen (Paracelsus Schule 2013)


Through numerous researches in oriental countries she gained appropriate expert knowledge in the various styles of dance. She integrates elements from Indian and Spanish dance as well as international folklore and creates new fascinating subjects of movement.




bauchtanzlehrerin augsburg sapr377kSabuha has gained an enormes reportoire of different dances and technikes:

  • Oriental Bellydance (Raks Sharki), classical and modern
  • Pharaonic dance
  • Egyptian Baladi, Ghawaze
  • Saidi - Canedance
  • Dance with the Schamadan (with candletray)
  • Turkish Bellydance
  • Gypsy dances from Turkey, Greece, Macedonia und Albana with scarfs, tambourine or cymbals
  • Sworddance
  • Persian Dance
  • Oriental show dances with double-veil etc.
  • Indian-arabic variations
  • Spanish-arabic dance
  • Parody
  • Afro-oriental
  • Latin-oriental