Course 2013

tanzstudioSabuha Shahnaz shares her dance art. She already established her school in 1983, being now one of the most successful studios in Germany.
As a socialpeadagogue, she develeped an effective concept of lessons which she practises with humor and joy. Children, girls and woman find here a qualified dance education, either as hobby or professional.
With much love for details Sabuha Shahnaz tranformed her dance studio into an oriental tent. The entire year, courses for children and adults take place from beginners to masterclass.


tanzstudio2Sabuha deliberately pays attention to correct and aimed bodywork from the beginning of the first dancesteps. In this way she can prevent and correct already existing defecits in body alignement. However fun is always with it.
You can join the courses by arrangement with Sabuha at any time.


18.30 - 19.30

Orient. Tanz, Malakat Assahre, Showgruppe bilder

19.40 - 20.40

Orient. Tanz, leicht Fortgeschrittene

20.45 - 22.00

Gute Nacht Yoga, Yoga für Anfänger

16.15 - 17.15

Orient.Tanz, Neuer Kinderkurs (ab 5 Jahren)

17.15 - 18.15

Orient.Tanz, Kindergruppe Shanti

19.25 - 20.25

Orient.Tanz, Ala Nar, Showgruppe

20.30 - 21.30

Orient.Tanz, Assaida, Showgruppe

18.10 - 19.10

Orient.Tanz, Anfänger Kurs

19.20 - 20.20

Orient.Tanz, weit Fortgeschrittene

20.30 - 21.45

Yoga, offene Stunde

09.00 - 10.15

NEU! Yoga für Senioren, sanftes Yoga, Atemübungen und Entspannung für bessere Beweglichkeitund positives denken! Yoga kennt kein Alter!

17.00 - 18.15

Yoga für Anfänger mit Sabuha

18.10 - 19.10

Orient.Tanz, Seray (Teenies)

19.20 - 20.20

Orient.Tanz, weit Fortgeschrittene

20.30 - 21.30

Orient.Tanz, Fortgeschrittene
Freitag Sonderworkshop wie z.B. Tribalprojekt

Kursprogramm für 2013 können Sie hier downloaden.

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